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Shelly I.

I work in the legal field and it is reassuring to know that we have competent courier support. We appreciate that we can rely on them every time with every job.

Jayla R.

Yes Shannon is as good as it gets!. Coming from a horrible situation and not having any knowledge or guidance on how to start/ go thru and finish my divorce, Shannon came in and grab me by my hand and led me thru this difficult time. Each time I went to court, I was prepared, I didn't even have to say anything to the Judge because all my paperwork was done diligently and on time. I would have definitely been lost without Shannon. The measure of her services out ways the cost of service. I would recommend Shannon to any and all who need superior support in what ever legal situation you may be in!!!

Tamisha J.

I've Used A Golden Service to help me through my tough time, the service I received was very Professional, anytime I had a question, it was only a phone call away, questions were always answered, and if it couldn't be answered right away, I would get an answer back the very next day. My paperwork was complete And correct every time I filed with the courts, in other words my documents were never Rejected. It was a very swift process. It was headache Free!! I would definitely recommend using this service.

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